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Business Continuity

IndiaITWizards implements standard guidelines & policies for business reliability & data security. We ensure following practices for data invulnerability:

Security Management

We have developed our Security Policy: General Network Usage Policy, Sensitive Information Encryption and Exchange Policies. General compliance with our security policy and regulations is ensured by the usage of logon scripts and Group Policies.

Backup Process and Disaster Recovery

We implement data protection and other security-related activities. A special data recovery scenario is presupposed for each kind of potential data loss situation (e.g. hardware or software failure, computer virus, human mistake, etc.). The process of backup copies creation is regulated by the Backup Process Plan.

Customers Data Protection

We concern the security of our client’s data as number one priority for our business. Sensitive data is exchanged via secure server & compliance with the ISO standards for information security is provided. We also strictly follow all the governmental rules and regulations for emergency issues.