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Quality Management

IndiaITWizards performs industry specific engineering & managerial activities to ensure delivery of high quality applications through the entire development process. Our mission is to develop high quality applications and advanced solutions for business and institutions, based on newest technologies and practices. We achieve this by:

  • Implementation of policies and regulations for software development process based on the industry best practices and standards
  • Product life-cycle monitoring to ensure compliance with established processes and guidelines
  • Product quality verification and validation to ensure its correspondence with the client needs and expectations
  • Establishment of an effective collaboration of all production participants

We focus on developing re-usable frameworks based on standard design patterns, which greatly improve the quality of the solutions and cut down development time. We follow an established development methodology and apply stringent quality standards.

Quality management

We adopt quality monitoring and testing at all stages of website development to ensure high quality of the final product. Verification includes various aspects of entire project including GUI testing and HTML standards compliance, functionality-to-requirements conformity, error-free coding, performance and stability testing. This simultaneous interaction of the development and QA teams ensures a better understanding of the project scope and the client’s business objectives.

Key Processes

  • Full-cycle QA Testing
  • Document and Code Reviews
  • Defect Tracking
  • Configuration Management
  • Process Monitoring
  • Risk Management