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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is both an emerging & promising programming technique that is attracting lots of attention nowadays. It’s an advanced interface technology that provides extended visual service, desktop interactivity and functionality. It adds value addition to an internet project through better user interaction and enterprise applications. Its ability to provide feature rich functionalities allows building powerful new or improving web software. Well-applied AJAX is a definite advantage for any kind of web application – from simple sites to sophisticated business applications. It also presents several benefits including operation cost savings, better control over document circulation and improved security. At IndiaITWizards our programmers apply different AJAX frameworks focusing on application’s unique aspects by streamlining routing tasks. This helps increase developers’ productivity and accelerate development cycles.

Our core expertise with various AJAX related technologies include:

  • XHTML and CSS
  • Document Object Model
  • XML / XSLT / Xpath
  • XForms
  • JavaScript