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Maintenance and Support

IndiaITWizards provides maintenance and support services enabling our clients’ online business to run smoothly and error-free. It facilitates our clients to get rid of maintaining expensive in-house support staff. Our partnership with our clients accelerates their need to change and grow. We would keep your website current and effective, which is just as important as developing it initially. It includes both updating company news and product information, and also analyzing its performance and administrating corrective action. We offer website maintenance services that are sure to keep your website on the right track and best optimized for search engines. IndiaITWizards provides following comprehensive maintenance and support services:

  • On-going Support
    • Bug fixing
    • Problems analysis and resolution
    • On-call support
  • Adaptive Enhancements
    • Modifications to support business
    • Change in technical requirements
  • Perfective Upgrades
    • New functionality/feature introduction
  • Technical Improvement
    • Optimization restructuring