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Website Design and Development

IndiaITWizards provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our technical resources accomplish diverse website projects from informative sites to multi-functional web portals. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

  • Professional design
    • Our designers create appealing & exclusive designs that highlight your business uniqueness. These are inclusive of appealing style, consistent layout, corporate identity and color compatibility.
  • Usability
    • We pay attention to usability aspects for rich user experience. We provide user-friendly interface, Ajax interactivity and functional workflow.
  • Front-end functionality
    • We provide functionality that matches your business requirements. We add new functionalities easily and cost-effectively based upon changes in business requirements. It results best ROI on existing & future requirements.
  • Back-office Administration
    • We integrate different back-office management tools that give efficient control over various site operations. It includes dynamic structure generation, user management, access rights and permissions and others.
  • Back-end Programming
    • We create dynamic, highly interactive and functional websites, making cutting-edge technologies effectively back clean interfaces. We offer back-end development including dynamic page generation, database design and development, data encryption, advanced search mechanism, real-time payment processing etc.
  • Quality Assurance
    • We perform quality monitoring and testing at all stages of website development to ensure high quality of the final product. It includes GUI testing, HTML standards compliance, requirements conformity, error-free coding and performance testing.